November, 2019

Refreshing the Courage Brand for the next Chapter of Jack Dunlop’s Content Creation Business

At the beginning of 2019, Courage came to the Visuals by Impulse team with ideas of a refresh to his live-stream graphics. After some exploration, we decided it was an opportunity to refresh the brand with a new logo and a new visual identity that would serve him for years to come. VBI’s relationship with Courage has been ongoing and we have added incremental updates to his project since its launch in May 2019.

I worked with a team of talented designers and programmers to complete this project. My role was to take lead on the motion graphics that would be used on Courage’s live-stream and YouTube videos. I worked with the creative director to develop the style for the motion graphics that would be visually consistent with the rest of the brand identity.


Visuals by Impulse

  • John Martin, Project Director
  • Tray Stidham, Creative Director
  • Ross Owens, Sr. Motion Designer
  • Bruno Dombidau, Creative Engineer

Project Scope

  • Motion Graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Social Media Graphics


Stream Intro

The intro set the tone for Courage’s rebrand, so we put considerable thought into connecting the intro to his past. Courage started as an intern at Major League Gaming and rose to the top as a caster for the Call of Duty World League. In 2018, Courage left MLG and leaped into streaming on Twitch full time. His hard work paid off as Courage became one of the fastest-growing channels on Twitch.

The intro’s stars take a similar trajectory as they traverse through clouds to make it to the top, only to dive back into the uncertainty. The stars accelerate through moments of Courage’s streaming career and, in the end, align atop the updated lion logo.



Grid System

We designed a grid system that would work best for internet video resolutions and help us to keep design elements standardized.

The system guided the design of smaller on-screen elements, like the custom widget, as well as full-screen layouts, like the starting screen countdown.

Custom Widget

The custom widget was a central piece to the new stream package. The widget was a first of its kind on Twitch and challenged the status quo for alerts. Inspired by sports score bugs, the widget is designed to house all of the information about the stream's subscribers and donors into one overlay and not interrupt the gameplay.

I designed, modelled, and animated 3D icons for each type of alert and number of months subscribed.

Win Counter

We created a win counter widget for tracking Courage's wins during his multiple hour gaming sessions on stream.



We made a segment for Courage's stream where he can go back to his roots as an esports caster and provide play-by-play over his teammate's gameplay. I designed a 3D set, and transition graphics for the scene.

More Work